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Dear Fellow Musician,

Joe Gilder here. I've been releasing music for a long time now. We musicians wear a lot of hats, including producer and mix engineer. I can think of no better way to improve your skills as a musician, producer, and mix engineer than to get your hands (and ears) on a bunch of different multi-tracks.

Here's what I mean.

Everybody knows you need to practice to get better at something. So having access to over 50 songs to mix will give you plenty of room for practice.

But here's the even more valuable thing. Yes, you'll get better at mixing as you work through some of these songs, but more than that, you'll get better at producing and recording. Why? Because you're getting front-row seat for how I produced every song I've released. From acoustic tracks with light percussion to full-on rock tunes, you'll get to look under the hood (by having access to the raw tracks themselves) to see how I put it all together.

I'm basically handing you thousands of new ideas to apply to your music. All you have to do is drag some tracks into your session and let the reverse-engineering begin!

What You Get

As soon as you buy Mix Practice, you'll have instant access to the multi-tracks for following:

  • Amen - EP (2019) - 5 songs
  • Homemade Prison (2018) - 1 song
  • Fighter - EP (2017) - 4 songs
  • Rain - EP (2017) - 5 songs
  • Someone to Blame - EP (2017) - 4 songs
  • Free - EP (2015) - 4 songs
  • Better This Way (2015) - 13 songs
  • Help of the Helpless (2013) - 11 songs
  • Out of Indiana (2010) - 10 songs

In case you're not a human calculator, that's 57 songs.

In addition to the multi-tracks, you'll get my final high-resolution masters (so you can compare your mix to mine, or better yet, crush my mix).

Did I Mention Lifetime Access

As you can see, I have a nasty habit of releasing music almost every year (averaging over 5 songs per year for the last decade). As a Mix Practice customer, you'll get free access to all future tracks I add to the members area.

For free.


And it's Only $67

That's $1.18 per song, y'all.

1-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This whole thing is guaranteed. For realsies. No strings attached.

You've got a full year to decide if your purchase was worth it. If you look back 364 days, and you didn't get value out of Mix Practice, I want you to sit down, send me an email, and ask for a refund. Easy peasy. And we can still be friends.

That's how I want to be treated when I buy things. I want to know the company's got my back and wants what's best for me. I've got your back.

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50+ Multi-Tracks

Hi-Res Masters of Each Song

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All 20 Home Studio Corner Courses

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Monthly Challenges, Exclusive Video Library

All-Access Pass ($1,453 Value)

If you want to dive even deeper into improving your recording, mixing, and production skills, the All-Access Pass is just the ticket for you. It's an annual membership that includes access to all 20 Home Studio Corner courses, a back catalog of exclusive VIP content, monthly challenges, and more.

Included Courses:

Intro to Recording

Lay a solid foundation for many years of great recordings.

Understanding Microphones

Learn the different types of microphones and how and when to use each of them.

Recording Killer Vocals

The vocal needs to be great. Learn how to capture the vocal well every time.

Recording Electric Guitar

Capture better electric guitar tones, and bring that song to life.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Become a master at capturing beautiful, rich acoustic guitar recordings.

Understanding Production

The secret to great recordings and mixes lies in great production. Learn how to record the RIGHT parts and make your songs incredible interesting and engaging.

Production Club

Walk through the entire production process with me as I produce a single song, step-by-step, from start to finish.

Guitar/Vocal Production

Every songwriter dreams of releasing great-sounding, simple guitar/vocal recordings. Become a songwriter's dream engineer with this course.

Understanding Your Room

Your room is lying to you. Veteran acoustician Gavin Haverstick teaches this course, where he shows you everything you need to know to get the best sound out of your room.

Home Recording Tactics

A collection of interviews with a host of audio engineers from all over the world, sharing their best tips for better recordings and mixes.

Understanding Mixing

Let me take you on a slow, methodical, step-by-step journey through the process of mixing a song from start to finish.

Understanding EQ

Polish those tracks to perfection with your new EQ skills.

Understanding Compression

Learn how and (more importantly) when to use compression to add punch and clarity to your mixes.

Drum Mixing Guide

A lot goes into mixing drums, so much so that I created an entire course to walk you through my method for mixing drums.

Vocal Mixing Guide

Vocals are the backbone of most modern music. Learn how to mix both male and female vocal tracks with confidence and skill.

Mixing & Mastering "Fighter EP"

Once you're feeling a little more confident in your mixing skills, mix and master an entire 4-song EP right along with me.

Speed Mixing

One of the ways you get better at mixing is to mix more songs. This course will teach you how to mix them quickly, so you can speed up your rate of improvement dramatically.

Mix Practice

A collection of over 50 multi-tracks for you to use to hone your mixing skills.

Home Studio Business

Do you dream of turning your home studio into a source of income? It's very possible, but you need to think more like an entrepreneur than a musician. In this course I share the strategies and tactics that helped me launch and grow my business.

10-Day EP (Newest Course)

This fast-paced course help you release a full EP in as little as 10 days, a process you can then repeat at will to make music whenever you want to.

If you were to purchase each of these courses separately today, you would spend $1,453. Or you can pay just $197/year to access ALL of them. Cancel any time you want.

PLUS, I'm always adding new courses, so your membership will only become more valuable in the future.

Thank You

Whether you place an order today or not, thank you for reading this far. I truly believe this material will rock your world and help you make better-sounding music than you ever have. I hope you'll take the plunge.


Joe Gilder

Home Studio Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these songs in my portfolio?

Absolutely. Once you've mixed a song, you are welcome to feature it on your website and social media platforms to show off your mixing skills. Just remember to credit the artist (ie. Joe Gilder, aka me).

What's the best way to get the most value out of this system?

Great question. I recommend putting yourself on a weekly schedule that has you in the studio, working on a mix for one hour each week. If you can do more, go for it! But even with just one hour you'll start to see progress.

How does the order process work?

It's really simple. Select one of the options above and click the "Order" button. Next, you will fill out your contact and payment information. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with your login information. Once you log into the members area, you will have instant access to the entire program.

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The more important question is how would you MIX the sound if it DID?